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All the features you need to manage your crypto assets

We have assembled all the features you will ever need to give you a complete cryptocurrency experience so you can buy, exchange, send and manage over 100 coins using a single interface.


Exchange 100+ cryptocurrencies

Instantly exchange coins for the ones that interest you. Fix your profits in stablecoins.


High level

of security

Coins held in a cold storage. Secure your account with 2FA and Google Authenticator.


Ability to speed up a transaction

Change fees by managing speeds before sending transactions. Speed up after sending a transaction.

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We have made the interface both simple and intuitive. Detailed guides and video tutorials have also been prepared to make onboarding even easier.

Instant transfers

Instant and fee-free transfers
between Calypso wallets

Use Calypso with your friends and make instant crypto transfers without commissions.

Get a great user experience

We have created a simple and intuitive interface for maximum ease of use.

Real Stories from Real Customers

This is by far the best app I've seen. It works fast, it’s convenient, and best of all – it is actually user friendly – and that’s a rare quality among apps like these. Kudos to the development team for actually caring about their users and providing an interface that’s easy to read and navigate.

Mike Thargo
Mike Thargo
5 Stars

Probably the best portfolio app for tracking crypto portfolios. The interface is easy to read, it displays plenty of information, and it makes conducting transactions a breeze. I honestly recommended it to all crypto holders and traders, no matter what their level of experience might be.

Mike Thargo
Viktoria Mielkova
5 Stars

The user interface is where this app truly shines. It makes managing multiple crypto assets a walk in the park. I really loved the way all the key information was always at the forefront. A round of applause to the devs who proved that such a crypto app is possible.

Mike Thargo
Said Buthami
5 Stars

We support all major currencies

Store, send, exchange, and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Polkadot, Tezos, Tron, and many other coins.

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