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Our Mission

Every business faces certain challenges. In Calypso Pay we create solutions which are elaborated for certain client needs. Based on over 10 years experience in crypto and over 20 years experience in the banking sphere we can forecast how exactly crypto payment can change your business.

Our mission is to help successful businesses to take advantage of new technological opportunities, which can be easily achieved by adopting crypto payment. By analyzing competitor actions, global trends and financial pitfalls, we can surely tell that for now integrating business to blockchain and blockchain to business is a choice but soon it will be a must.

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Why us?

With Calypso Pay, merchants can create seamless and personalized experiences for customers. Letting customers pay in crypto will strengthen brand loyalty and show sustainable development of the business.

We produce quantifiable results

Calypso Pay is a data-driven company. We understand that timely, actionable insights are a critical ingredient for any successful business.


Calypso Pay dashboard helps merchants keep track of their business and adapt to growing trends.

Calypso Pay payment widget allows merchants to checkout customers with the option to select the customer’s preferred payment option, among the enabled options listed.

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Currently we are working mostly with the clients who need to process big amounts of transactions. It can be up to 1000 transactions in a second. Failure to process high volume of top-up or withdrawal requests leads to loss of time and customers.

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According to our research 1 in 2 customers abandon a website if they can not understand how to process payment in 6 seconds. The ability to carry out up to 60 thousand transactions per day without interruption and about 1000 transactions at the same time is an advantage and an exclusive solution by Calypso Pay.

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