Calypso Pay 2.0

Calypso Pay is a high-volume crypto processing platform that lets merchants receive payments in crypto from their clients and pay their partners and workers almost instantly with minimal commissions.

Today Calypso Pay presents its first significant update and launches its own blockchain — here’s how the team improved the payment process:

  • It decreases transaction fees by up to 20% — now customers pay only commission without network fee for executing payouts
  • The company has increased the speed by two times — payouts of up to 100 accounts are now processed in less than a minute
  • The minimum payment threshold is lowered from $100 to $1 — users can top up and withdraw with no limits
  • The commission is now deducted in the same currency used for the transaction — to transfer USDT, you do not need to hold ETH anymore.
  • The company adds an instant auto conversion service — its clients can accept payments in any tokens and then convert them to stablecoins right away
  • The internal transactions become free of charge, meaning companies within the Calypso Pay ecosystem will send transactions without paying network fees
  • The clients can now request financial reports with the transaction history for specific periods to identify the most frequently used currencies, amount of network fees paid, and moreEach customer receives an option to create additional accounts within their main one and assign different roles for its employees to manage the information and data shared

Calypso Pay allows you to send and receive payments in more than 150 countries with over 20 tokens like BTC, ETH, Tron, BSC, USDT, and many others, which is 80% of the global crypto market cap. More than 10 million transactions have already been sent through Calypso Pay since January 1st, 2022, and the platform processed $1.5 billion.

“Today, we’re glad to announce the launch of our own blockchain and present the first significant update of the product we’ve been working on for the past six months. Now we do not only provide our clients with advanced fintech products and payment solutions but have implemented Web3 inside our core infrastructure”, says Svyatoslav Dorofeev, CEO of Calypso Group. “The transition requires reintegration but brings notable improvements both in speed and fees and optimizes the payment process within Calypso Group as a whole.”

Calypso Pay also supports Bitcoin Lightning Network, enabling almost free and near-instant BTC transfers. It is a part of Calypso Group, a crypto-native fintech ecosystem for businesses, formed through a merger of Calypso Pay and TheWatch, a blockchain analytics platform that provides tracking and monitoring for transactions, insights into transaction data, purchase history, and risk management.


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