Fasttoken (FTN) serves as the native currency within the comprehensive Fastex web3 ecosystem, featuring a range of solutions such as the Fastex cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bahamut public EVM-based blockchain, Fastex Pay cryptocurrency payment ecosystem, ftNFT marketplace, and decentralized applications tailored for partners.

What is Bahamut blockchain

Bahamut is a layer 1, public blockchain platform built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Bahamut, is a smart contract-enabled, open-source DLT platform. Its Mainnet, featuring Caravan execution and Bedouin consensus layers, ensures network stability and enhances blockchain app capabilities. Inspired by Arabian culture, Fastex founders incorporate local traditions and mythology into their network design.

Bahamut pioneers Proof-of-Stake-Activity (POSA) consensus, ensuring fair block validation rewards distribution. PoSA revolutionizes blockchain dynamics by assessing both node validators' stakes and their activity levels, reshaping the blockchain economy's future. Validators deploy a smart contract to gauge user actions alongside stakes, impacting block producer selection and reward distribution.

Validators must stake a minimum amount of native coins (FTNs), but the opportunity to become a block validator depends largely on the activity generated by their smart contracts. The consensus algorithm considers both stake and activity, significantly increasing the chance of becoming the next block validator compared to staking alone.

Fastex ecosytem

The Fastex ecosystem encompasses several key components designed to offer a comprehensive suite of services to users:

Fastex Cryptocurrency Exchange

This platform facilitates spot and OTC trading of cryptocurrencies and derivatives. It supports a wide range of crypto and fiat currencies, various order types, and trading APIs. Additionally, the Fastex wallet serves as a unified solution for other brands within the Fasttoken umbrella.

Fastex Payments Ecosystem

Offering unified payment services for online and hardware transactions, this ecosystem includes cryptocurrency-to-cash conversion via ATM machines. Users can utilize the same wallet for both fiat and cryptocurrency operations.

ftNFT Marketplace

An inclusive platform for unique solutions from Fasttoken's ecosystem and third-party artists. It ensures proof of ownership and authenticity for each digital asset.


A dedicated metaverse platform where users interact with the digital world of Fastex using 3D avatars. Built on the PandaMR B2B metaverse platform, it allows seamless access to Fastex products and services.

Fastex Web3 Gaming Hub

Centralizes gaming interactions and assets in the web3 world, enabling users to play multiple web3 games simultaneously. It features light integrations with the Fastex exchange and ftNFT marketplace for cryptocurrency swaps and NFT transactions.

Fasttoken current status

Nearly 40 million FTN are presently locked through the Bahamut blockchain's staking smart contract and liquid staking DApps, contributing to its robust growth. With over 15 million daily trading volume on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

SoftConstruct, a key partner of Fastex, is a IT giant with over $6 billion revenue by the end of 2023. They have fully integrated FTN into their ecosystem, providing FTN with significant exposure among millions of users across various industries such as IT, AR, VR, Finance, and E-commerce.

FTN finds utility across diverse online platforms, from gaming and iGaming to e-commerce, and boasts integration with over 10 payment providers, including MoonPay, Alchemy Pay, Simplex and Calypso Pay.

Token Distribution Breakdown

Founders: 20% of total supply, locked for 24 months, unlocking at 10% monthly.
Advisors: 3% of total supply, locked for 12 months, unlocking at 10% monthly.
Partners: 6% of total supply, released immediately based on market share and partnership longevity.
Ecosystem: 24% of total supply, released immediately for operational costs.
Blockchain: 12% of total supply, reserved and released on Bahamut for blockchain support.
Marketing and PR: 10% of total supply, released immediately for marketing expenses.
Presale: 6% of total supply, with a 9-month vesting period, offered to SoftConstruct workforce and partners via Fastex exchange.


In conclusion, Fasttoken (FTN) presents a promising venture with extensive integration across various industries and strong backing from SoftConstruct. Its unique Proof-of-Stake-Activity (PoSA) consensus mechanism offers a novel approach to blockchain security. However, potential risks include market volatility and regulatory challenges. Overall, with strategic partnerships, locked token distributions, and a clear roadmap, FTN shows potential for long-term growth, but investors should carefully assess risks before investing.


How to buy Fasttoken?

Fasttoken (FTN) can be purchased on the Fastex Exchange. To register, users must submit required documents such as a Passport, ID card, or Driver’s license, and undergo a Face Identification process for verification.

Does Calypso Pay support Fasttoken?

Yes, with Calypso Pay, you can allow your clients to pay or receive in FTN (Fasttoken) along with other supported cryptocurrencies.