The recurrent payments functionality allows you to create, manage, and receive information about a subscription of your client. This feature is beneficial for businesses that want to charge their clients on a regular basis.

Let’s have a detailed look. We all know that subscription boosts retention. Thus, a subscription form on your site will allow your business to seamlessly accept crypto payments in all popular tokens.

The recurrent payments in crypto add flexibility and increase revenue. It is possible due to the retention provided with the subscription model. Currently, we allow merchants and their clients to use recurrent payments functionality for popular tokens of blockchain protocols (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon blockchains) tokens.

Advantages for merchants

Recurrent payments are much more convenient because they allow customers to pay their bills automatically without having to worry about remembering when their bill is due or if they have enough money in their account to cover it. Providing another payment option puts your brand in a position of an innovative and forward-thinking business.

You can try out this scenario:

  • Add a subscription form on the site
  • Customize your clients' subscription: change duration, frequency, and free period options
  • Monitor your client payments
  • Receive funds directly to the merchant’s wallet address

Advantages for your clients

When you set up recurrent payments as a client, you don’t need a bank account. You can pay using your crypto wallet instantly and safely. Additionally, you won’t get extra fees or hidden charges. You don’t need to worry about making sure you have enough money in your bank account at any given time because it can all be taken care of automatically.

The best part about recurrent payments is simplicity.

  • Subscribe for a product or service and pay for it in cryptocurrency
  • Get a confirmation that the subscription is active and money is received by a merchant
  • Cancel the subscription any time you want

How to integrate

STEP 1: Account Setup

  • Get a Calypso Pay account!
  • Request Public and Secret API keys from Calypso Pay Technical Support.

STEP 2: Integration

STEP 3: Notification Setup

  • Subscribe on the Webhooks of “RECURRENT” type
  • Set up notifications for your clients

Recurrent payments are a great way to keep your clients up to date. A lot of businesses have already grasped this opportunity. It is a secure method for merchants and clients to stay on top of their finances. Moreover, subscriptions in crypto are easy for you to manage and give you the freedom of choice.