Calypso Pay for iGambling

Ultimately easy top up for players all over the world


Increase conversion

and reduce transaction cost  by accepting payment in crypto

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Comfortable Payments

Improve the customer payment journey

By implementing Payment Widget and only 2-click top up

Calypso Payment widget
Calypso Mass payout
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easy funds management

Increase customer loyalty

By instant and cheap top up and withdrawal. We use Mass payout solution

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Low fees

Minimize your expenses

With transactions fee as low as $0.05

Calypso payout creation
API query

Easy API integration

Seamlessly integrate crypto or fiat on- and off-ramps services into your business. Get Calypso Pay expert support in API integration

Cryptocurrency turnover

in iGambling sphere

Cryptocurrency turnover chart

Some figures

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Transactions simultaniusly

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Different tokens

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Business day support

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Acceptance rate

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Available countries

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Processed transaction

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Minimum transaction

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1 min

The speed of crediting payments

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10 min

The speed of integration with us


and compliance above everything else

The TokenScope platform provides you with complete data about cryptocurrency transactions or specified addresses, as all information about cryptocurrencies is sorted and thus traceable.

Crystal powers cryptocurrency transaction analysis and monitoring on the blockchain, bringing best-in-class AML compilance and risk management solutions to exchanges, banks and Fls.

Our due diligence and KYC is all managed and validated throught Sum and Substance to ensure authencity, accuracy and legitimacy.

Provides insights into transaction data, purchase history, and risks management to Virtual Asset Service Providers.

Client about integration
with Calypso Pay

CEO PinUp Casino

We were thinking to add crypto for a while. The urge arose in 2019, our business expanded significantly since more people were looking for online entertainment. We chose Calypso Pay among others because they managed to operate hundred thousand transactions. We've been a year with guys already and so far we are happy. Moreover, they customized payment widget design according to our request which is also a good boon.

5 Stars Rate
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Enjoy seamless integration of iGambling in crypto

How it works

Add a payment widget on your website
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Customers select a payment option
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Customers choose amount to top up
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Both parties receive confirmation

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