Basic terms


A Calypso Pay cryptocurrency wallet owned by a merchant. It is a custodial wallet, with all private keys stored by Calypso Pay while the merchant retains control of the funds. All funds are kept in an isolated environment, separate from other merchants' funds.


A custodial wallet is a service for storing and transferring cryptocurrencies. Its distinctive feature is that its operator (custodian – Calypso Pay) manages user addresses or has access to their private keys. Additionally, custodian clients typically need to undergo identity or business verification procedures (KYC/KYB).

How to create

You can create a new wallet on the main page of the interface ("Add a new wallet") or through the API.

Create a new wallet screen

When creating a new wallet, users need to perform two simple actions:

  • Choose the network (blockchain) on which this wallet operates
  • And give it a name
Select your wallet's network screen

After this, the wallet will be created and ready to use.

The new wallet has been created

How to rename or delete

In the wallet settings, the user can rename the wallet or delete it.