Account – an account within the company, there can be several (or one).

For visual separation of financial flows, the user can create accounts in the personal account of their company.

The list of accounts

It's important to understand that the balances will be different everywhere. If there are 1000 USDT on one account, they won't be on another.

There can be an infinite number of accounts. However, all funds received will go to a single hot wallet, just like the funds will be deducted from a single hot wallet during payouts.

Use cases

One example could be if I, as a company, receive payments from three merchants in cryptocurrency. Also, as an employer, I pay salaries in cryptocurrency. It would be convenient for me if I could visually separate these financial flows and work in each window with separate tasks:

  • Account specifically for receiving crypto
  • Account specifically for payouts
  • Account for internal operations, salary payouts, etc.