Roadmap Calypso Pay: 2022-23


Bitcoin Lightning

4Q 2022 — 1Q 2023
  • Instant and low-cost Bitcoin Transactions

Calypso Pay 2.0 release

1Q 2023
  • Calypso Pay Core Banking System (CBS) allowing faster and cheaper transactions within the system;
  • Multi accounting, enabling different cash flows for users;
  • New design;
  • System optimization

Easy Start in
Calypso Pay

1Q 2023
  • Faster integration process adding crypto as a payment method for businesses

Saturn Blockchain

1Q 2023
  • Internal Blockchain allowing cheaper and faster transactions within the system

ATLAS Mobile Wallet

1Q 2023
  • Release in AppStore and Google Play

Gift Cards Directory

2Q 2023
  • Buy Gift Cards with Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency in Atlas App or on the website
  • Partnership with international gift card providers

Auto Conversion

2Q 2023
  • Convert your balance in crypto to stablecoin or fiat automatically

Mobile Wallet B2B

2Q 2023

    Merchant directory

    2Q 2023
    • A perfect place where merchants and customers meet. Special offers for users in Atlas Wallet.

    ATLAS Mobile
    Wallet update

    2Q 2023
    • Allowing to buy crypto in Atlas

    Recurring payment update

    3Q 2023
    • See all the info on your business’ active plans and subscribers in Calypso Pay user cabinet


    3Q 2023
    • Pay your employees' salary in crypto

    Calypso Ecosystem

    3Q 2023
    • Presenting Calypso ID and Super App, syncing a merchant with his client within Calypso Ecosystem

    Upcoming features

    • Fiat balances
    • Blockchain (Public)
    • DEX
    • Dashboard
    • Fraud analysis
    • Staking
    • Overnight