Basic terms


Cryptocurrency disbursement to a counterparty.

Payouts come in two types: Single payout and Mass payout.

Single payout

One-time disbursement to a single counterparty.

Mass payout

Payment to multiple employees or clients within a single transaction.

How to create

You can create a payout from the dedicated section in the interface – Payouts, or through the API.

Payouts screen
The Payouts section provides users with the ability to create and track their payouts.

Single payout

During creation, the user selects "Single payout" in transfer details input, then specifies the payout currency and the payout amount.

Create single payout screen

The user also fills in the payout description, inserts the destination address, after which they are shown the service fee.

Client details in payout screen

Mass payout

In mass payout, the user selects "Mass payout" in transfer details input, then specifies the payout currency and the payment purpose.

Create mass payout screen

The user has two options to add a list of addresses in mass payout:

  1. Upload a CSV file with pre-filled data.
  2. Manually enter values into the table.
Upload CSV file screen


When creating a payout, it goes through the following stages:

  • Pending: Awaiting confirmation from the manager (if this setting is enabled). If this setting is not present, this stage is skipped, and the payout moves to the "In progress" status.
  • In progress: Transactions being processed by the system, blockchain, or awaiting approval from a verifying manager.
  • Completed: All executed transactions.
  • Cancelled: Payouts that have been canceled, either by the creator or the verifying manager.
  • Failed: Payouts that did not go through due to technical reasons.

Use cases

Single payout

As a company, we need to make a one-time payment to a contractor, for example, as compensation for traffic.

Mass payout

  • As an accountant, I need to make salary payments to several employees. I want to do this in one action, rather than making individual payouts.
  • As a merchant, I need to make reward payments to players. It would be convenient for me to gather all the addresses in a registry and upload it to the system so that payments are processed automatically.

Try demo

Single payout demo

Mass payout demo