Topping up with a Coin (base currency)

To top up your wallet, you can use both Coins (base currency) and Tokens (USDT, DAI, etc.). Let's explore these two procedures separately, although they are identical in the process.

You can do this directly from the wallet (or from the wallet list on the main page).

To top up the user needs to click on the "Top-up" button.

Select ETH (base currency) and enter the Top-up window. In this window, the user chooses the payment method:

  • Pay by QR.
  • Copy the address and proceed to pay from their wallet.

Topping up with a Token

In this case the user needs to follow the same path or simply send the token to the wallet address.

How do I know my funds are credited?

Once the funds are credited, they will appear in your wallet. The transaction (credit or debit) can be found in the transaction history for that wallet.