Major changes

Embedded Payment Form

Calypso Pay Embedded Payment Form example
The outline on the right with the QR code is an example of the Payment Widget integration and can vary visually.

We allow our clients to display the QR code in their web interface consistently, indicating the amount of payment in the selected currency, and also the address to pay in the selected blockchain and network. This feature should make merchant’s customers certain and assure them that the payment will be completed successfully.

You may see detailed information on integrating this solution here.

Top-Up report

Calypso Pay 1.0 Top-Up report button

A new type of report has been added: Top-up report. This report contains information about transactions that were received by a merchant from the clients for all wallets on the Calypso Pay merchant account.

After clicking on the “Create report” button, you will need to select the range of information to upload before obtaining the report.


Calypso Pay Documentation

In this release, we want to share an updated version of Calypso Pay Documentation that makes it even easier to find answers to your questions on our products and integration processes. Follow the links below:

Extended validation of the address’ blockchain

Extended validation of blockchain addresses has been implemented. Now it will be impossible to send an Ethereum transaction to the Tron address via the API.

This feature applies to all types of addresses that differ from the sender's wallet blockchain network.

Bug fixes

Fixed the Payouts reports adding information on the C2C (Crypto2Сrypto) Exchanges. Now it is excluded from the Payouts Reports.