Major changes

USDT on the BSC blockchain became available for our customers.

We understand that USDT is the most popular currency for our customers. Thus, in this release, we helped our clients use this stablecoin on the new blockchain: Binance Smart Chain.


We have improved our features:

1. The team added a Payment Widget and Payment link localization to pay Invoices in the following countries: Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Chile, Italy, France, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Finland, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

2. We cleaned the data inside the QR code, and now customers can scan it using any wallet without errors and get the sending address.

Bug fixes

1. We have corrected translation flaws in the Payment widget and Invoices Payment link. Both of them are available in different languages. Additionally, we also corrected the layout in some areas.

2. We have amended the situation with the reports demonstrating incorrect information.

3. Bugs in the logic of BTC transactions are resolved.

4. Bugs in the logic of the Invoice addresses and the owners’ correspondence are also fixed.