This time the Calypso Pay team has executed a few improvements to our services. Yet we assure you that there is a Major Update on the way! Keep an eye on our future updates.


C2C exchanges update

We improved Crypto2Crypto exchanges to make it faster and easier for our clients to use the crypto OTC exchanges before the search for a new liquidity provider.

Contact our account managers and we will help you to make an exchange for any of your fund amounts.

We also have reduced the limits for automated exchanges with the amount of up to $1000 or less to ensure our clients get the most profitable exchange rates.

TRON commission update

Due to the Committee Proposal for the TRON blockchain network, we updated the calculation process for Invoices.

When creating an Invoice, the commission for the TRON network will increase by 10% on average.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed an appearance of erroneous amount changes before transaction approval.
  2. Fixed false successes of withdrawals when the parameter is trx_success=false (TRON network).