Major changes

Lightning Network

The Lightning Network is a payment protocol. In simple words, it is a secondary layer above Bitcoin's blockchain. The protocol allows transactions between parties outside the main blockchain network. Various payment channels connecting participants or users form the extra layer.

If you would like to process the transaction you have to lock some amount of Bitcoin first. This is the step to arrange the payment channel between you and the receiver. The receiver then can invoice you any amount once it has been authorized. If you would like to keep the channel for further payments, then you should add Bitcoin regularly. Smart contracts guarantee the completion of the transaction and there is no need for third-party intervention. At the same time, transactions are anonymous. The scaling solution delivers them to the Bitcoin network for the record. 

The key features of The Lightning Network

  • Fast transactions. 
  • Low costs
  • Scalability
  • Privacy
Calypso Pay 1.0 payment widget

The merchant's clients can send funds via Invoice. They just should copy the Lightning Invoice address and send the given amount to it.

Invoices search

We have added a search function for UUID, ID, External ID, and Description. You can quickly find the Invoice you require, and review the payment status and product details now.

Calypso Pay 1.0 invoices in the interface
Invoice search function


Improved localization

Enjoy our Payment widget and Payment link for invoice payments in Kazakh, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Hindi, and German languages.

Bug fixes

We have fixed bugs in interaction with BTC and enhanced the reliability and performance of nodes.