Major changes

OTC (Over-the-Counter) exchange

Finally, we are ready to announce the manual exchange process for our dear customers, transactions over 30 000 USD now pass as OTC transactions outside of automation through manually controlled exchange process from our side.

If you want to exchange, just create a request in the Crypto-to-Crypto service, or write to your account manager.

Calypso Pay Exchange request modal popup

Elimination of QR code for Payment link

We removed the QR code for the mobile version of the Payment Link and made it convenient to copy the address and amount since the merchant's client will be experiencing certain problems with scanning the QR code when opening the link with his phone.

We know that it is important for our merchants, and this solution helps to increase conversion to payment.

Calypso Pay 1.0 payment link


Decoding Lightning addresses

Now the amount for which the invoice in Bitcoin Lightning will be sent in payout will be displayed in the personal cabinet. This will allow the client to send the required amount immediately without the possibility of occurring errors.

We have also fixed some problems concerning the sending of Bitcoin Lightning transactions.

Canceling mass payout via API

Merchant used to have a deadlock — he can't refill because he has a Mass Payout that needs to be canceled.

We solved this problem by implementing the ability to change Mass Payouts in In progress via API methods.

The base currency of the network was added to the Invoice report

You can now see the spending of the base currency of the network to create Invoices in the Reports.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug when hundreds of transactions are sent to us at once and the system begins to behave incorrectly. Implemented the functionality of tracking transactions from a single address.
  • Fixed incorrect incomingAmount in invoice report.
  • Improved logic; now we ignore FAILED transactions in all transactions.
  • Fixed networkFee calculation in c2c transactions; now outgoing transaction fee is written there.
  • Fixed the inability to cancel the subscription before its activation.