Major changes

Throughout this year, our focus has been on evolving Calypso Pay into the advanced Calypso Pay 2.0.

We're thrilled to introduce some powerful features that were crafted based on the feedback and requests from our valued merchants.

Advanced wallet address verification

Now, within Calypso Pay, you can perform direct address verification. This allows you to:

Confirm the existence of the address on a specific blockchain

Wallet address verification in Calypso Pay 2.0 user dashboard
Select blockchain and paste an adress

Check if the address is subject to any sanctions

Checking a wallet address in Calypso Pay 2.0 user dashboard
Use realtime risk score data

This feature empowers you with a risk score without the need for additional tools, enhancing your transaction security.

Address book for payouts

Managing constant wallet addresses for your payouts is now simpler with the Address book. Store your frequently used addresses in your account settings.

Address book for payouts in Calypso Pay 2.0 user dashboard

When making a payout, easily select the desired address from the list, reducing the chance of errors during transactions.

Using the Address book in Calypso Pay 2.0 user dashboard
Use the Adress book or type a new address manually

OTC Exchange: C2C and C2F

We've enhanced the OTC exchange experience. Requesting an OTC exchange is now streamlined – fill out a form, and you'll be directly connected with our support team via a Telegram conversation.

These updates are designed to elevate your experience with Calypso Pay, providing you with more control, efficiency, and security in your cryptocurrency transactions. Explore these features and take advantage of the enhanced capabilities we've crafted for you.

OTC Exchange: C2C and C2F in Calypso Pay 2.0 user dashboard


  • Polishing reports
  • Notification center improvements
  • Security and stability improvements