Major changes

Support for Litecoin (LTC) token and Litecoin blockchain

Finally we’ve made comprehensive Integration and full support for Litecoin (LTC) token and its resilient blockchain.

LTC aspired to enhance its role as a medium of exchange, achieving this through quicker transaction processing, reduced transaction costs, and lower denomination, making it more accessible to users.

USDC TRC20 support

In response to merchant demand, we have introduced USDC TRC20 with Calypso Pay 2.0. This token is fully backed by reserve assets, ensuring exceptional transparency. USD Coin is overseen by a consortium known as Centre, established by Circle and comprising members from the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

Merchant support now available on Telegram

Need to activate your new account? We've introduced Telegram account activation for seamless  onboarding progress. As our valued merchant, you can now access assistance and information directly through Telegram.


  • C2C enhancements: our latest updates feature a complete UI and logic overhaul, tailored to meet best market practices. Now, C2C transactions with Calypso Pay are as simple as can be.
  • Payment Widget uplifting: resolving Wallet Connect connectivity challenges, optimizing Metamask payment processing, and enhancing user Interface Indicators for Address Copy functionality during checkout.